Why this/ why us?

We are thinking. The most important thing in the world is communication. Without communication each other, nobody seems to be happy. The communication makes human happy.

We are thinking. The most fundamental communication is between a mother and a baby. And also a baby cannot speak so we should support this fundamental commutation.

We are thinking. That the most we must do is making the non-verbal communication in the world in the future. This project is first step to achieve non-verbal communication world.


Why will we and this project succeed?

Now, we have a team that has same ambition. They are simultaneously professionals : Deep Learning & Analyzing Face & Voice engineers, Child education professors, pediatricians, more than 300 hundreds kindergartens in Japan, China, U.S.A. We have already have enough skills, knowledge and data to succeed this projects.

Why create a donate approach

Now we are providing this solution to caregivers. But we want to consumers to use our system. If we can help the many people, we are super happy! And also we want to brush up our system. So we need to enhance to accurate the deep learning system to analyze infants’ mind. We need a fund to do it. That’s a reason.

Your Gift