What is for? (What features does it have?)

BabyLook offers 3 services: visualize the baby's mind, notice emergency situations, and child-raising with the whole family.

  1. 1. Visualize the baby's mind
    BabyLook can reveal 5 kinds of the baby's mind so far: lack of sleep, lack of physical contacts with the mother, fatigue, fever, and suffocation. We will be able to understand their mind better in near future!
  2. 2. Notice emergency situations
    BabyLook can alert the family whenever it detects "high fever" and "suffocation" on their baby.
  3. 3. Child-raising with the whole family
    BabyLook has the mother's wearable that check the mother's physical conditions. When she does not feel good, the mother's wearable detects and tells the family it. It can tighten family ties, and provide the whole family with the opportunities to get involved with child-raising.

For which age baby can I use it?

You can use it for 0 to 3 years old baby and infant.

How long can I store the data?

You can store the data until you delete.

What is different from existing products?

BabyLook has a mother's wearable as well. It can check and track the mother's physical conditions which other products miss out. Additionally, we will add the facial analysis feature led by big data analysis. This is under way, but very innovative!

How accurate is it? Why do you say it is accurate?

Our team is currently partnered with various professional manufacturers and research teams. We have experts in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Kobe University in Japan to overview our facial recognition software. We can assure you that accuracy in our variable will be precise.

It looks too tight for my baby. Is it OK?

You can adjust it as they grow up.