In the 1990s the internet changed the world’s economy forever. Although everyone believed that the biggest companies would always reign over the global marketplace, the introduction and maturity of the “cyber era” caused a paradigm shift that leveled the playing field for large, small, and family-owned businesses to thrive.

Then came “Internet 2.0” which brought social media and applications. Not only could a company build businesses without a brick and mortar location, but they could now market directly to consumers based on a specifically targeted demographic. Furthermore, companies and consumers could communicate directly with each other through open market apps, like Facebook, or through their own customized app

Now there is new, superior technology that will once again be a major turning point in the computer world: Artificial Intelligence(AI). The AI revolution has already begun, from voice-activated assistants like Siri, Google, and Alexa to marketing and customer service bots with their intuitive conversation exchanges.

Most people have yet to imagine the implications of AI in their personal lives and even less in their businesses. AI can market while you sleep through chat or voice. AI can help solve common problems that customers may have. AI can run routines to help monitor emails, security surveillance, or even sales goals. AI is coming, so preparing for its impact on the economic market is paramount.

Our AI solution, based on a research of correlations among human behaviors, personality, and interaction, will help your business prepare for the coming evolution Our team, including a skilled developer network has extended beyond borders since the beginning of 2000, is here guide your business through the new AI era.

Our two AI solution models lead your business to the next generation

We provide two kinds of AI solutions: 'Custome AI' and 'Sharing AI' for your business to solve your business problems and future from a unique point of view and experience.


We develop the original AI Solution model for your business so that your business can approach a market uniquely. Our service corresponds to fluctuate markets through the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Action’ method frequently on a regular basis. Besides, Your business can easily use AI solutions easily at a reasonable cost.


  • A company that wants to use AI whatever
  • A company that cannot prepare a big budget
  • A company that problems are clear
  • A company that explores originality and unique solutions
  • A company that wants to use AI solution drastically
  • A company that is clear what you want to do


After developing 'Custome AI', there might be a possibility that other companies need your AI solution. We can help to connect your AI and other companies, besides this model can create AI profit for your business.

1.Sharing Owner

This model enables you to make AI profits by renting your AI solution that you developed on the ‘Custom AI’ solution. To rent your AI solution to other companies makes your profits increase. A client that has an AI solution is called ‘Sharing Owner’.

2.Shared Client

On the other hand, a client that uses an AI solution is developed on the “Custom AI’ model is called ‘Shared Client’. A ‘Shared Client’ can existing AI solutions more easy using API.