Team Members

Kyo Ueda

CEO / Founder of BabyLook, with expertise in Entrepreneurship of over 20 years. He dreams to create a Non-verbal World. His hobby is Surfing on the Big Waves!

Keisuke Yamamoto

Co-Founder and Project Manager. He is a programmer and a specialized strategist. He reads a lot which has helped immensely in this Project. He enjoys playing piano in his free time.

Dipti Chandra

Marketing Director with competence in Digital Marketing and PR. She also works closely with Mothers to understand their behavioral impact on their Babies. She loves to travel all over the world.

Kazuya Maekawa

Sales Leader. He speaks Japanese, Chinese and English fluently which helps him mingle with anyone and everyone. Being from Kansai part of Japan, he persists on Smart Humor.

Yuki Daikyoku

Programmer. He also belongs to the Kansai Part of Japan and loves to make people laugh. He dreams to create a New World with this team.

Cheok Seng Lee

Programmer. He is from Australia and loves weight lifting and the most powerful programmer in our team. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family in Hong Kong.

Company:viv Limited. / 威波全球有限公司 / 株式会社viv(ウィーヴ)

US Office:840 Apollo Street suite 100 el segundo CA 90245

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Donation Results from us

Our Donation Policy

Our team policy has 3 things: 'The communication between mom and baby is most important since it's fundamental communication for human', 'Foster the strong point for a person', 'A sensibility becomes more important in the future'. All member try to find out organizations which we should donate. After each member decides the important top 3 organizations in the world along with our team policy and each member's thinking, we donate to all organizations which member selected. Currently, we are not able to make a profit so much though, we think we should do what we can do now, even if it's a small effect.